Cookie policy

What are cookies?

The purpose of cookies is to improve your user experience and the functionality of the service, using the following types of cookies:

  • mandatory cookies that ensure the proper operation of the site,
  • analytical cookies that allow you to track page usage

Mandatory cookies or cookies that ensure the proper operation of the site are used for the following purposes: 

  • saving settings for optimal display of web pages,
  • real-time page optimization

We use analytical cookies for the following purposes:

  • tracking the number of website visitors,
  • tracking the retention time on our website,
  • determining the order in which the visitor accesses the website,
  • assessment which parts of the website need to be improved,
  • website optimization.

Review of all cookies that can be stored on your device when you visit our website: 

Cookie category Purpose The name of the cookie

Session and security

Authentification of visitors, protection of user's data nad enableing  the site to provide the services that visitors expect, such as maintaining the contents of their shopping cart or allowing file transfers.

The website will not work properly if you refuse or eject these cookies.

session_id (Odoo)
fileToken (Odoo)


Remembers informations about the desired appearance or behavior of the website, suh as the desired language or region.

Your experience may get worse if you reject these cookies, but the website will still work.

frontend_lang (Odoo)
History of interaction

It is used to collect informations about your interaction with the website, the pages you have seen and any particular marketing camaign that led you to the website.

If you reject these cookies, we may not be able to provide you with the best service, but the website will work.

im_livechat_previous_operator_pid (Odoo)
utm_campaign (Odoo)
utm_source (Odoo)
utm_medium (Odoo)

Advertising and marketing

It is used to advertise more user-friendly and more valuable to publishers and advertisers such as providing morerelevant ads wheb you visit other sites that display ads, or to improve reporting on ad campaign performance.

Please, note that some third-party services may install additional cookies in your browser to identify you.

You can turn off the use of third-party cookies by visitting the Network Advertising Initiative.

__gads (Google)
__gac (Google)

Visit analytics

Understanding how visitors interact with our site through Google Analytics. Learn more about: Google Analytical cookies and privacy information.

The website will continue to work if you reject these cookies.

_ga (Google)
_gat (Google)
_gid (Google)
_gac_* (Google)

You can choose to have your computer alert you each time a cookie is sent, or you can turn off all cookies.Each web browser is a little different, so check out your web browser's Help menu to adjust your cookie settings.

We do not currently support the "Do not follow" option, because there is no industry standard for this compliance.