Tangerine juice 750 ml
4.99 € 4.99 € 4.99 EUR
Apple juice 750 ml
2.99 € 2.99 € 2.99 EUR
Apple & chokeberry juice 750 ml
4.99 € 4.99 € 4.99 EUR
Wild pomegranate juice 750 ml
13.99 € 13.99 € 13.99 EUR
Chokeberry juice 750ml
9.99 € 9.99 € 9.99 EUR
Apple juice 200 ml
1.50 € 1.50 € 1.5 EUR
Pomegranate juice 200 ml
1.80 € 1.80 € 1.8 EUR
Candied orange peel
4.99 € 4.99 € 4.99 EUR
Sugar almonds
4.99 € 4.99 € 4.99 EUR
Dried figs 500gr
5.99 € 5.99 € 5.99 EUR

Natural juices

Naronija natural juices are produced and processed with great respect for nature. This is extremely important to us because we are a family business that grew up in coexistence and harmony with nature.

The plantations from which we take raw materials are located in the area of ​​ancient Narona, a Roman settlement from the 4th century BC. That is why we have given our products the name Naronija, which unites the story of Mediterranean history and culture, soil and fertility. And our slogan "Homeland of Nature" is a story about paradise fruits from the new world, about ecology, healthy diet and healing properties.

Natural juices - importance

Natural juices are extremely important because they give us the necessary vitamins and minerals. And our range of fruit juices is enough to supply your body with daily doses of health.

In small and large doses, Naronija juices allow your body to receive important nutrients and be strong and healthy. Using them will allow your body to feel refreshed and to be satisfied with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In addition to being natural, they are real cleansers of the organism, they also fill the body with natural energy. Since they are in a liquid state, the body absorbs them much faster, and in addition, they encourage digestion to work faster. Our natural Naronija juices are a delicious way to increase the intake of fruit in your body and to introduce healthy habits into your diet.

Naronija juice assortment

The Naronija fruit assortment is available in six flavors in packs of 250 and 750 ml. Naronija flavors are 100% flavors of apple, pomegranate, wild pomegranate, chokeberry, a mixture of apple and chokeberry, and tangerine . All products are cold pressed and without added sugar.

Sugar products Naronija

The sugar products in our range are candied orange peel i
and sugar almonds, and they are there to make your life sweeter. They are sold in doses of 100 grams. They are great as a unique, quality and natural gift, and they are great in combination with our fruit juices.