Sugar almonds

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    Sugar almonds 100g

    Almonds in a membrane of caramelized sugar are a traditional dessert.

    Brustulan almonds, as they are called on the coast, are easy to prepare. The base for the preparation are almonds, sugar, water, and sometimes you can add a little vanilla sugar, rum or cinnamon powder. They are made in a wide pot or pan over the highest heat. Put everything together in a pot and when the ingredients start to melt and permeate each other, you need to start mixing with a cooking spoon. Stir until all the liquid has evaporated and the mixture becomes thick. When the almonds are completely wrapped in caramel, remove from the heat and stir for a few more minutes so as not to stick to each other. The almonds are then stacked separately on a baking sheet or baking paper and can be allowed to cool.